Chicago Comcast Security Camera Headaches

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Comcast has changed its lineup and Chicago condo buildings and apartment buildings with video security cameras and systems running through their cable are experiencing huge headaches. The change has caused many old cable modulators and cable deletion filters to stop working properly and causes cable channel interference. This causes your security camera feed to no longer be viewable inside your condominium. Because of the issues, Comcast technicians will have to disconnect the security cameras as the only remedy. This causes the security cameras to no longer be viewed through the cable channel. Terrible right? Absolutely a bad thing. The good news is that we have an easy solution. For $1000 including parts and and service we will solve the issue in most cases. The issue revolves around the fact that the new Comcast cable channel lineup makes the channels next to 950 vital channels. Once the new cable changes take place, theses channels are affected by the old filters that block too much of the cable signal.

The channel filter needed will be blocking real channel 37 which is being modulated to 950 on the Comcast channel inside your condo building units. Confusing? Yes, because Comcast changes cable channel 37 to channel 950 once inside your condo unit. The channels 949 and 951 are being affected by the old filter causing these channels to be distorted. These channels surrounding 950 were not popular before the channel changes but now they are. Because of this, Comcast has been routinely disconnecting the cameras from the cable feed and now tenants are unable to see who is at the door before buzzing visitors and guests into the building.

The deletion filter change is fairly painless except for the fact that we need several days to order the specific new filter and then schedule with the Comcast technician to handle the issue. The process will take about an hour once we have the technician present. The only hiccup we see is that some buildings also require a new modulator too. The new modulator runs $2600 installed with tax. There is no way to know ahead of time if both the modulator and the filter are required to be updated. So the process could be slowed down by that factor.

Call us with questions as we are very well versed and experienced at these issues and can clear up any questions or concerns.