Q- What kind of software do you use for your DVR?

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A- We actually don’t use software in most cases for a DVR.
Here is how it works. A standalone DVR comes delivered with firmware pre installed by the DVR manufacturer. The standalone DVR is not an actual computer but an electrical device that has a hard drive in is only made to record video security cameras.

There are some PC based DVRs that do have software however 99% of what we sell is the standalone variety which I described above. If one desires to watch their cameras on a smartphone the DVR manufacturer does supply an application or app as it is referred to in order to enable viewing cameras remotely To view remotely on a computer one would simply use a browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc. When first using the browser a web plugin or ActiveX is required to allow the video to be viewed on the browser. No actual program is installed but instead a plug in or ActiveX file which is essentially a codec that’s simply allows the video to be seeing on the browser.

If we were to use a software for the DVR, we would likely use Geovision DVR or NVR software. Geovision is a trusted name in CCTV and all of their cameras come with a 3 year warranty. The software is stable and user friendly. It is also filled with many rich features such as object detection, email and text notifications and much more. The Geovision software has been around for years and has proved very reliable. Most ONVIF compliant IP cameras are compatible with the recording software. We have used Hikvision, Vivotek and other IP camera manufacturers with this software. You are required to purchase a dongle aka camera license whenever using a non-Geovision camera. All Geovision cameras do not require a license key.