Upgrade Your Cameras Today for Cheap!

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Technology keeps roaring on like a speeding jet and frankly, even for us in the technology business, it is difficult to keep up with. Just released is new and very inexpensive technology allowing your old wiring to be kept and new HD cameras to be installed instead. Can’t afford all new cameras? No problem! This system allows you to keep your old cameras that you don’t want to, cant afford to or simply don’t care about at this time. But wait! It’s not a Hybrid system. It’s a Tribrid system. This system will also allow you to add IP cameras up to 2.1 megapixels onto the same recorder. VGA quality cameras, HD analog cameras and IP cameras all on the same system. Best of all, the IP cameras don’t count to the BNC connectors on the back of the DVR. So if you purchase a 16 channel recorder, you will get a 16 channel BNC camera recorder plus an 8 channel IP camera recorder. All 24 cameras can be recorded at one for the cost of a single DVR.

Did someone say cost? Yes, the cost of a camera and DVR will surprise you. The cameras for the HD over coaxial cameras are probably half the cost of what you have now. Or even less. New cameras with 2.1 megapixel and a 3 year warranty run under $100 for a vandal dome IR camera.

There is some bad news that comes along with all of this good news. You will need more storage space aka hard drive space to keep all of this lush and beautiful video. But the hard drives have come down in price too.