Common Mistakes People Make With Their CCTV Security System

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CCTV cameras have gained immense popularity as the most effective means of security. Many people are fortifying their home and business security systems with these devices because they aid in keeping burglars at bay and your family and employees safe and in check.

While the benefits of CCTV systems are diverse, limited knowledge of their different elements causes people to make costly mistakes that compromise their safety. In some cases, it may even lead to damage and losses beyond recovery. To prevent these unfortunate events from happening to you, Pro Video Security has put together a list of the three most common mistakes people make with their CCTV security systems.

1. Not cleaning DVR systems.

Many people do not check their DVR system to make sure it’s dirt or dust free. This is something that is easily forgettable as not everyone checks their systems daily. However, it’s vital to make sure you check this regularly so that you are sure your system is running smoothly. DVRs tend to build up dust from the cooling fan that sucks in cooler air. The accumulation of dust can cause damage to the fan and cause the DVR to overheat. An easy method of cleaning is to use a computer dust spray. This practice will give your DVR and hard drive longevity.

2. Requesting for cameras looking through a window.

Clients tend to ask for a camera that is aimed out of a window looking at a particular area. However, this usually means they want night vision as well. The problem with this is that these cameras have Infrared LEDs, enabling night vision, which cannot look through the glass. The IR will bounce off the glass and go back into the camera lens and give you a washed out image. The solution to this is to get a camera that can be mounted outside or a camera that has low light capabilities and place it in an area where there is a light source.

3. Expecting CCTV footage on their smartphone without the right equipment.

Many customers that have a CCTV camera system want to see their camera footage from their smartphones. That is possible through settings that are set-up in the modem or router at the location of the system. However, if the modem or router is replaced that means all the settings to see the camera footage are also gone. It is essential to call your security systems experts if that is the situation so they can get your remote access capabilities reset.

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