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First Mob Killing Ever Captured on Security Cameras

Author: Perry M | | Categories: CCTV , feel safe with security , home security

Rob Gearty from Fox News is reporting that the very first ever Mob hit was captured on the home video security system of the victim Francesco “Frankie Boy” Cali in Staten Island last week.  Video Security and DNA have been leading to a greater success of criminal cases being solved as reported by police. 

This is good news in general for the public although don't ask Frankie Boy about that.  Security cameras won't keep crime from happening but they will often times lead to valuable information and arrests of criminal cases such as homicides, assaults and robberies.  HD camera are the norm now however if you have older security cameras, don't fret.  It's an easy upgrade to HD using your old coaxial or CAT5 wiring.  No need to run new wires.  

Although this did not save Frankie Boy, it did lead to the quick arrest of the alleged killer, who it turns out may have not had the overthrow of a mob boss in mind.   Anthony Comello is the prime suspect and has been arrested.  He’s a 24-year-old Staten Island native who lived with his parents, and who law officials say has no mafia ties.  The motive is unclear.  

The Daily Beast offered a description of the contents of the video showing the murder of the reputed Gambino boss, citing as a law enforcement source who had viewed the tape and provided a detailed description.

The video at first showed Cali leaving his house to confront a man in a hooded top and baseball cap who had just rammed Cali’s parked SUV with a pickup.

The video then shows the man bending down, picking up a license plate and then handing it to Cali who takes it and walks around to the rear of his SUV.  

Next, the footage shows the man producing a gun and shooting Cali from behind and then firing more shots as Cali falls, the Daily Beast reported. Those gunshots may have been fired to make sure Cali was dead.

The video then ends with the hitman calmly walking back to his pickup and slowly driving away.

Police said the killer fired 12 bullets and struck Cali six times. They also said the accident was likely staged to lure Cali outside.