DVR Maintenance Tips By Pro Video Security

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While every part of your security system plays a vital role in your safety and protection against vandals and thieves, the DVR component is particularly critical. Through the video feed it displays, you can monitor your property from anywhere and share footage of perpetrators with the authorities and your insurance company to take necessary action. However, when this component stops working, several problems are likely to arise, leaving you and your property vulnerable to robberies and high replacement costs.

To save you from these troubles, the security system experts at Pro Video Security have explained a few DVR issues to look out for and maintenance tips to help you get your system back in action before you know it!

1. The cameras are out, but the DVR is working.
Try fixing this problem by restarting the camera power box as this usually cures the issue. Make sure the power box has power by looking for lights on it. Sometimes, these lights are inside the box and may be challenging to see, so thoroughly check the power box. Many larger boxes have fans, so check if they are still running. There are instances where power boxes go bad, but these situations are rare. If one of the above solutions work, arrange a service call as it is likely that you are experiencing a power box issue.

2. The DVR or NVR is not reachable by the Internet, i.e., you do not have a phone or computer access.
To solve this problem, you can try following either of these fixes:

a If you reset your router to default or got a new one, then there is nothing you can do on your own, and you should call a professional. You can either call for a remote service call (a lower cost to you) by TeamViewer support accessing a computer in the same network as the DVR or call a technician to your site to fix the system.

b Try restarting your DVR and router as well as any other network devices such as network repeaters and adapters. See if this resolves the issue. If not, you may need our assistance.

c Check all connections to the security system. Make sure that the internet connection is firmly in place behind the DVR as well as in the router. These can come loose, especially when cleaning around the DVR or relocating something nearby that may have pulled the CAT5 cord out.

3. The DVR is not playing back video.
Try rebooting the DVR system as this is a rule of thumb for any issue with electronics. So many service calls can be prevented by merely rebooting an electronic item. This goes for your smart TVs, computers, and anything else that has power and intelligent technology. If this does not cure the issue, you may have a bad hard drive issue on your hands. Check your DVR and see if the hard drive is showing up in the settings. If not, then this is a definite issue, and you will need to replace your hard drive.

For more solutions to your security DVR issues, reach out to Pro Video Security. We offer security system installation and maintenance in Chicago, Morton Grove, IL, and are happy to help with your security needs. We are a licensed alarm contractor in the state of Illinois with two conveniently located showrooms in the Chicago area. With over twenty years of experience, we can easily offer professional video security, alarm systems, and access control installation, repair, and configuration.

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