How Pro Video Security Helped A Clients Out Of Eavesdropping Charges

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As a renowned security system installation and maintenance company in Chicago, Morton Grove, IL, Pro Video Security is well-versed with the security protocol for different establishments and residences. We have been in the detective agency business for a while, gathering thirty years of experience in the process. Moreover, our team comprises highly experienced and trained personnel, including CCTV technicians, security installers, and highly trained sales staff who are eager to face challenges head-on and resolve them with little to no inconvenience.

As experienced professionals, we also take on custom security requests and go the extra mile to ensure our clients are happy. However, specific requirements can be tricky to support, especially if the law limits them. 

Keep reading to see how a particular security system request from a client led to their neighbors to press eavesdropping charges against them, and how we helped them escape the repercussions.

The Challenge: Eavesdropping charges for audio recordings.
Not too long ago, we were approached by a client who insisted on getting audio recording for his video cameras. We always recommend against audio due to eavesdropping concerns and made the client aware of the possible law violations when he kept pushing his request for the audio facility. Sadly, his insistence led him to be charged with felony eavesdropping by the local police.

While we sided with our client and helped him through the legal tangle, the issue was difficult to overcome as the client did not have a great relationship with the police to start. While our client was not doing anything criminal, he had a strained relationship with a neighbor who tipped the police about the security microphones and accused our client of eavesdropping on the community.

The Solution: Helping the client seek counsel of an attorney and rectify his security system.
Fortunately, to our client’s benefit, we were able to recommend an attorney who specialized in the Illinois eavesdropping statute. The attorney was able to address the situation and justify our client’s testimony and get the charges dropped.

While we managed to help clear the client’s name, the authorities demanded that the audio feature be uninstalled from the security system removed by the police. To help the client meet with the instructions of the court, we restored his security cameras and took out the microphones from the entire system.

To prevent the client from facing any more trials and grief, we also offered him multiple free hours of service to clear up the issue and reinstall the approved system. While our conscience was clear, we have resolved to be more insistent next time and will simply refuse to install microphones for any clients in the future.

The Bottom Line 
As a leading security system installation and maintenance company in Chicago, Morton Grove, IL, Pro Video Security offers innovative security, surveillance, and privacy products. But, what sets us apart from our competitors is our willingness to meet requirements for personal touches, provided they are within the legal parameters. When you engage with our staff of PERC (Permanent Employee Registration Card) certified technicians, expert installers, and our knowledgeable sales team, you will be happy to know that their sole aim is to help you. They are trained to guide you to the ideal security products and educate you about the security equipment and the perimeters for effective usage.

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