Common Mistakes People Make With Electronic Security

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With a sharp increase in thefts, burglaries, and cases of vandalism, you may want to strengthen the security to feel safer within the four walls of your home. Investing in a premium quality electronic security system that includes video surveillance, access control, intercom, and alarms will definitely help you improve safety at home. 

However, when purchasing electronic security system equipment, many homeowners are unaware of the details and end up committing errors, which sometimes compromises the safety of their house. To help steer you away from these pitfalls and help you choose the right security system equipment, Pro Video Security has compiled a list of the most common mistakes people make with electronic security. 

1. Buying the cheapest equipment
Many customers go for the most economical option when purchasing electronic security systems only to regret it later. Many big boxes and home improvement stores sell cameras and alarm systems. Many times, we receive calls from these people who are suffering from buyers’ regret. The products typically sold in these stores are sold at the lowest price with the lowest cost components. When we sell our systems, we make sure that the hard drive, recorder, and cameras are built to last. We also offer three-year warranties on all of these components.

2. Installing the wrong hard drives 
We see computer hard drives built for computers installed in DVR and NVR systems. This is not correct and usually leads to premature hard drive failure. Think about it. If your hard drive fails, all the reasons for video security evaporate. The evidence is gone forever. At Pro Video Security, we only use security-grade hard drives. These drives are built for use in DVRs and NVRs as they are constantly moving. Western Digital and Seagate recognized this and started engineering hard drives to run constantly in these security devices. PCs are typically run for short times and not 24/7. That’s why the changes were made but at a cost. Security grade drives cost a little more; therefore, the cheaper systems don’t include them.

3. Using good specs but mediocre components
When comparing the specs of systems, they may look the same. But if you use inferior components that are not built to last, you will see issues eventually. Out of the box, you may see a great image, and everything works well. But the heat from running the system often causes problems. Pro Video Security replaces recorders weekly for people who thought they were saving money at first but soon learned that you get what you pay for.

4. Working with video security installers that offer no tech support 
Another considerable issue many clients face is the lack of adequate tech support from their video security installers. Good luck reaching a live human and better luck reaching one that knows what to do! Look for a company that offers tech support all through the week and has the training and capability to answer your questions and solve problems. Most issues can be resolved over the phone in a matter of minutes.

5. Buying all-in-one systems
While many people purchase all-in-one systems because they’re relatively easier to install, they don’t realize that these systems don’t allow flexibility in equipment. You get a kit with the same cameras. This is usually not the optimal situation as you need a different camera at the front entrance than at a driveway, warehouse, factory, and other large areas. At Pro Video Security, we mix and match the cameras knowing that one camera type is not the right camera in all locations. We offer free site surveys that help make those decisions.

6. Purchasing kits without checking their contents
Most kits you purchase don’t have everything you need. Things like waterproof boxes to protect your connections, professional outdoor wiring, and power supply sufficient to power your cameras are essential. Ensure that your video security installers spec out the system so that everything matches and security system lasts for years and years.

To avoid these and other mistakes with electronic security, reach out to the experts at Pro Video Security. As a leading provider of security system installation and maintenance in Chicago, Morton Grove, IL, we make our clients’ homes and properties safer by providing trusted and exceptional electronic security, including video surveillance, access control, intercom, and alarm monitoring. With over thirty years of experience, we tailor our services and meet our individual client’s needs. We aim to provide our clients with unmatched customer service and support and give them the security they deserve. 

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