Busted! Don’t Believe These Security Camera Myths!

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If the crime rate is going up in your area, you may have listed security systems as a top priority being a home or business owner. Keeping your loved ones and assets safe from unwanted break-ins and burglaries is paramount and the need of the hour. However, while you’re aware of security cameras’ advantages, you may not understand the significance of a CCTV security system. Most probably, you may have been fed inaccurate facts on these security systems through bits and pieces picked on crime shows and movies. These false sources may dissuade you from receiving robust security for your property. To help you steer clear of these misconceptions, Pro Video Security has debunked some of the most widely believed myths on security cameras.

Myth 1: Wireless cameras have no wires

Wireless cameras are a real feature, but “wireless” is not what you think it implies. There are two types of security cameras you can purchase. One is battery powered, and the other is powered by AC (alternating current) but wireless. The battery-powered cameras are great for short terms of use or needs. However, one does not want to be continually recharging or changing batteries in the case of security. Battery-powered cameras are not recommended for real ongoing security needs. During charging, you will have no protection. So, it is best to have a security camera that is continuously charging and always recording. The other possible wireless camera is powered locally but wireless to the recorder. This is a much better option. The cameras are either Wi-Fi and send the signal to the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) through the network or using an antenna system to send the signal at a greater distance, even miles away. Also, don’t be fooled by what movies portray, and this is the biggest problem regarding security cameras. If you don’t know about technology, you need to ask an expert. Know that even Tesla cars need a recharge every two hundred miles or so.

Myth 2: Can buy a security system with the same specs cheaply online

Like most customers, you may think that purchasing a cheap camera system online with the same specs as a professional security camera will get you a similar security system. Well, it’s not true! As you will get low performance what you pay for. At Pro Video Security, we sell some very moderate priced systems at a great price with a three-year warranty so that you receive the best security system for your property without compromising on your safety. Plus, you get our free lifetime tech support!

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